How Much Does the 2004 Volkswagen Golf Weight?

Curb Weight Max Payload
GLS TDI 4dr Hatchback
Curb Weight: 2,972lbs
Max Payload: no data
GL TDI 4dr Hatchback
Curb Weight: 2,934lbs
Max Payload: no data
GLS 2.0L 4dr Hatchback
Curb Weight: 2,897lbs
Max Payload: no data
GL 2.0L 4dr Hatchback
Curb Weight: 2,857lbs
Max Payload: no data
GL 2dr Hatchback
Curb Weight: 2,771lbs
Max Payload: no data

Each time a hope of keeping an idea concerning the weight of your own 2004 Golf emerges, it is critical for any auto lover to apprehend what they need to measure indeed. There are sundry approaches, based on what is the goal of this kind of measuring - gross motor vehicle weight (GVW), curb weight, payload, highest cargoed trailer weight, gross axle weight, as long as some others. The contrast lies in or excluding passengers with the very car driver, cargos, everything you was going to pull together with the 2004 Golf, etc. Plus, the weight that is supported by both back side and front side axles ought to be also thought about.

It is certainly broadly known that your own auto`s weight may range due to its model and year of creation. And so forth a car owner may track down this information for certain 2004 Golf through the manufacturer guide or looking at the side entrance sill. However, the company`s specialists prepared a much more easy way. Our band of car lovers did their job on and on to give you here and now smooth and clear tables with 2004 Golf weight, a customer only meant to single out the desired backup.